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What is an RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the partial or full outsourcing of your company’s internal recruitment process primarily for traditional workers who will be on your company’s payroll.

Through an About Talent RPO Engagement, our recruitment professionals can support the efforts of your talent acquisition/human resources team or take on full responsibility of strategically sourcing, attracting, and hiring talent on behalf of your organization.

Why an About Talent RPO?

Recruitment Efficiency

About Talent’s dedicated talent acquisition specialists utilize industry best practices to streamline your entire recruitment lifecycle.

Scalability & Flexibility

Naturally adjust your recruitment strategy and dedicated resources based on your company’s unique workforce situation.

Enhanced Candidate Quality & Cultural Alignment

We become experts in enlivening your company’s culture, understanding how roles within your organization support your goals, and finding quality talent that will succeed within your organization.

Proactive Candidate Networks

About Talent dedicates sourcing experts who exhaust all avenues to find and develop talent relationships—dramatically improving recruitment lifecycles and candidate retention.

Employer Brand Proliferation

About Talent’s marketing experts assist in consistently and effectively propagating your company’s employer brand via multiple channels to attract top talent. Check out our eBook to learn more about creating an effective employer brand.

Increased Diversity and Veteran Program Support

As a Fortune Best Workplace for Diversity, we understand the value that a diverse workforce brings to an organization. Our sourcing experts continually nurture channel partnerships to ensure your company’s unique hiring goals are met.

Enhanced Workforce Analytics

Utilizing industry-leading Applicant Tracking Systems and business intelligence technologies, About Talent’s dedicated teams and business analysts diligently track and monitor every stage of the recruitment process to assist your company in making data-driven business decisions.

Increased Employee Retention

About Talent’s candidates are more likely to stay with your organization because we deploy client-specific screening process and focus on developing relationships with our candidates, resulting in employees who naturally fit in and positively impact your company’s culture and business goals.

Focused Talent Acquisition Team

Talent acquisition requires a focused, hands-on approach. About Talent dedicates sourcers, recruiters, business analysts, implementation experts, and more to support your human resources teams and deliver a concentrated approach to finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent.

Reduced Cost & Value Creation

Cost isn’t everything, but it certainly means a lot. About Talent’s RPO solutions can drastically reduce your company’s cost-per-hire and creates value through the efficiencies, technologies, and processes presented above.

RPO Models

Your company is unique and requires a unique approach to finding, engaging, and retaining quality talent.

From augmenting your current internal recruiting teams with one or more RPO professionals to outsourcing your entire recruiting process to our organization, we offer a variety of scalable solution models that provide you with the ability to meet your dynamic business objectives including:

  • Complete RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process.
  • Component RPO: Management of distinct recruiting processes within your organization like, sourcing, screening, assessments, and recruitment process coordination.
  • Project RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process, with short-term goals.
  • Direct Hire MSP: Management of a third-party supply base (search firm) from requisition to billing who places full time talent on behalf of your organization.

Dedicated RPO Engagement Team

Trusting your entire recruitment function to an outside firm can seem like a daunting endeavor. Through About Talent’s dedicated engagement management approach, however, our recruitment professionals become an extension of your organization.

Our RPO Engagements are supported by a blend of on-site client experience management and operational support from our Remarkable Experience Center in Denver, CO. Our dedicated Engagement Teams become immersed in your business culture and develop a deep understanding your business goals to deliver quality talent.

Remarkable Experience Center

The heart of our RPO solution is our Remarkable Experience Center. Located in Denver, CO, the Remarkable Experience Center is where the bulk of our recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and supplier specialists reside. Coworkers in the Remarkable Experience Center operate in teams with clearly defined roles and expectations, and are empowered to fulfill our company Purpose: “To make life better for the people we serve®.” Each team member has experience in locating and caring for quality talent specific to our client's skill sets, cultural fit, geographic footprint, and industry.