Contingent Workforce

Effectively manage all your temporary, payrolled, independent contractors, statement of work (SOW), and freelance workforce through our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution.

What is Statement of Work (SOW) Management?

SOW Management is the administrative management of consultants who perform work on a project under an SOW arrangement. This could include managing RFx activities, milestone tracking, onboarding, reporting, payment, and billing.

About Talent’s SOW Management solution consolidates your organization’s SOW spend under the contingent workforce umbrella. Delivered through carefully screened and vetted channel partners, our SOW Management solution delivers transparency, consistency, compliance, and cost savings to your overall workforce management strategy.

SOW Management Overview

From managing day-to-day accounting, marketing, and facility maintenance requirements to complex consulting, systems integration, or construction projects, About Talent offers customizable packages to manage your SOW supply base needs that include:

Process Development

Work with our experts to develop a comprehensive SOW workflow, including change management, communication plans, and industry-leading VMS technology.

Request & Sourcing

With a focus on sourcing culturally-aligned suppliers, our experts work with you to create project templates, scope projects, conduct market trend research, and customize project documents.

Supplier Qualification & Selection

We ensure only the most qualified suppliers support your organization by conducting a customized and thorough qualification process, and facilitate the selection and contract negotiation process.

Performance & Engagement

Ensuring that your projects are completed satisfactorily and as scheduled is our top priority. We monitor supplier performance (e.g., milestones, deliverables, dates, and budgets), as well as engagement via surveys and ongoing communication to gauge expectations.

Financial Considerations & Analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding your organizations SOW spend and usage through industry-leading business analytics and reporting, and consolidated and customized invoicing.

Why an About Talent SOW Management Solution?

  • Complete visibility into your SOW spend and usage
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Decreased compliance risk
  • Dedicated SOW experts managing your solution
  • Improved SOW supplier partnerships