Contingent Workforce

Effectively manage all your temporary, payrolled, independent contractors, statement of work (SOW), and freelance workforce through our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution.

What are Payrolling Services?

Payrolling services encompass the engagement of contingent workers who have been recruited by your company but are employed by a third-party firm.

About Talent's Payroll Services provides your company with the freedom to select the talent you want, while we manage the administrative functions of the employer-employee relationship. As part of an integrated solution or standalone offering, About Talent delivers comprehensive Payrolling Services that allows your company to select talent from your own applicant pool and engage them on a contingent basis.

Payrolling Service Offering

About Talent's Payroll Services includes comprehensive administrative support and employee relationship management, including:

  • Screening and assessments
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Timekeeping
  • Payroll and insurance management, including Workers’ Compensation, unemployment premiums and benefits
  • Performance management
  • Transition management

Why Partner with About Talent for Payroll Services?

  • Ability to utilize top talent you identify without hiring them permanently
  • Save time processing paperwork/payroll
  • Save money by reducing hidden recruiting costs and payroll expenses
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Virtually unlimited invoicing options
  • Customized reporting and business intelligence
  • Applicant screening and background checks for a reasonable per candidate fee