Contingent Workforce

Effectively manage all your temporary, payrolled, independent contractor, statement of work (SOW), and freelance workforce through a comprehensive MSP solution.

What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party firm that is primarily responsible for managing your company’s contingent workforce solution.

With an About Talent MSP, our dedicated MSP Engagement team will manage your company’s complete contingent workforce procurement lifecycle including process management, requisition management, supplier selection and management, performance management, reporting and tracking, performance management, Vendor Management System, and the bill/pay process on behalf of your organization.

Why an About Talent MSP Solution?


The administrative burden of managing a large group of contingent labor suppliers is centralized and transferred to About Talent, your single trusted partner.

Supplier Management

From qualification to performance analysis, About Talent will manage the entire supplier relationship lifecycle and develop a vibrant supplier community that will provide comprehensive coverage of all your workforce needs.

Quality of Hires

By working with only the best suppliers and deploying unique screening processes, we ensure that your hiring managers are presented with the best available talent.

Process Efficiency

About Talent’s operational experts design streamlined processes that align with your internal workflows. We then use technology to automate these processes—resulting in an enhanced user experience and a reduced time-to-fill.

Business Intelligence

With all program data consolidated in a single platform, About Talent delivers a comprehensive view into companywide usage, performance, and trend data, as well as detailed insight into specific locations and/or departments.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

About Talent continually monitors and audits our own processes, as well as those of suppliers, to ensure your MSP engagement is compliant with government employment regulations and business requirements.


A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a technology that automates and streamlines the management of your contingent workforce solution including ordering, timekeeping, reporting, and invoicing. About Talent partners with the industry’s top VMS providers to deliver maximum flexibility, efficient, and transparency.

Strategy & Growth

As your workforce consultant, About Talent’s workforce experts draw meaning from your program data to help your company make data-driven business decisions. We work with you to develop strategies that will support your business growth and success.


Everyday companies balance the competing forces of cost and quality. An MSP delivers upon both by leveraging volume and market data to meet cost savings goals, streamlining processes, reducing risk, increasing compliance, and partnering with trusted suppliers with high-performance track records.

MSP Sourcing Models

Your company requires a unique mix of contingent workers to support your business goals.

About Talent’s MSP Engagement Team will develop a customized contingent workforce sourcing model that uniquely ensures the talent you require is available to support your changing business objectives. Some of the most widely-used models we implement include:

Approved Supplier List

Requisitions are distributed exclusively to a limited number of suppliers based on supplier competencies

Master Supplier/Vendor On-Premise

Requisitions are distributed to one Master Supplier, who may or may not be located on-site, then to secondary suppliers as needed

Supplier Tiers

Requisitions are distributed to Tier 1 suppliers, then Tier 2 suppliers (and so on) based on defined time triggers


A unique blend of two or more of the sourcing models above (i.e., master supplier for production skill set or one location and ASL for all other skill sets or locations)

Dedicated MSP Engagement Team

The contingent workers that support your organization are an important part of what keeps your company operating effectively and efficiently. Through About Talent’s dedicated engagement management approach, we ensure that this vital group of professionals receives the attention it requires to continually support your business goals.

Our MSP solutions are managed by a blend of on-site client experience management and operational support from our Remarkable Experience Center in Denver, CO. Our dedicated Engagement Teams become immersed in your business culture and develop a deep understanding your business goals to deliver quality talent.

Remarkable Experience Center

The heart of our MSP solution is our Remarkable Experience Center. Located in Denver, CO, the Remarkable Experience Center is where the bulk of our recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and supplier specialists reside. Coworkers in the Remarkable Experience Center operate in teams with clearly defined roles and expectations, and are empowered to fulfill our company Purpose: “To make life better for the people we serve®.” Each team member has experience in locating and caring for quality talent specific to our client’s skill sets, cultural fit, geographic footprint, and industry.