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Susan Ahrens

VP of Training and Development, Roth Staffing Companie

Susan Ahrens joined Roth Staffing Companies as the Director of Sales in January 2011. With more than 20 years of staffing industry experience, Susan brings a wealth of recruiting, sales and training knowledge to her role. She is responsible for bringing structure and clarity to the organization's sales process and new coworker integration program.

Throughout her career, she has specialized in commercial staffing in the disciplines of accounting and finance, IT, direct-hire, national accounts and on-premise partnerships. Susan excels in sales-related initiatives, including the implementation of a customer relationship management tool, development of training curriculum, activity and results tracking, and overall sales management responsibilities.

In January 2012, she was named Vice President of Sales of Roth Staffing, where in addition to her previous commitments she will work with branch locations to attain and sustain new financial milestones.