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Robert Hankin

SVP, Roth Staffing Companies

Robert Hankin brings more than 20 years of programming and technology expertise to his role as Senior Vice President at Roth Staffing Companies. He is responsible for setting the company's technology policies and priorities, as well as overseeing the company's management Information system (MIS), project management, development, and help desk teams. Robert joined Roth Staffing Companies in November 1999, initially as Director of MIS. During his tenure, he has reduced technology costs, increased productivity through the automation of processes, and enhanced data gathering functions. Robert and his teams have played an integral role in making life better for Roth Staffing's coworkers, Ambassadors and customers by developing and implementing industry-leading technologies, including VideoSelect™, Expedite® and our internal staff management dashboard. Robert is a graduate of Florida International University and Florida State University.