Integrated Workforce Solutions.
It's in our DNA.

Read the story behind our About Talent helix.

Companies rely on an integrated workforce comprised of full-time employees, temporary workers, 1099 contractors, consultants, freelancers and more – all working together to achieve business excellence. As a workforce solutions provider, About Talent recognizes that we should be no different.

We build custom solutions that incorporate multiple delivery mechanisms through a single platform to ensure we create a remarkable experience regardless how complex our client's needs are. Our clients receive a dedicated team, knowledgeable and experienced in all of our solutions. Nobody in the industry has built a truly integrated delivery model like ours – a model that allows us to aggressively respond to any workforce challenge.

Furthermore, it is no longer enough to identify candidates based on skill and experience alone. Each company's unique workplace culture determines how well an individual will integrate into the workplace – driving higher productivity and propagating the client's brand in the marketplace.

At About Talent, cultural alignment is woven into our DNA – it is a part of everything we do. About Talent has the experience to understand, align and champion your unique workplace culture while managing your customized solution. In fact, we are recognized as one of the "50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the U.S." by Achievers and "Best Place to Work" by Best in Biz Awards. Who better to help you identify the RIGHT talent than a company that has proven success at it already?