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Candidate Relationship Management

Marketing a clear and consistent employer brand is critical whether you're trying to attract in-demand candidates for an open position today or keeping in-demand talent engaged for a future position.

About Talent understands the importance of this unique distinction and uses a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) solution to fulfill the needs of companies of all sizes and at any maturity of employer brand. With our CRM technology, your company can:

  • Interact with potential and future hires
  • Organize brand communications
  • Synchronize attraction strategies
  • Promote company impressions to those that have chosen to hear more about your brand
  • Retain passive and active candidates
  • Promote internal dialogue with external talent
  • Educate and inspire potential candidates
  • Turn leads into contacts for marketing when you need them

The more you know About Talent and the more the talent knows about you, chances of hiring the right talent increase significantly. In addition, recruiting cycle times will be reduced significantly by providing better talent to hiring managers quickly.

At About Talent will serve as a representative of our client's employment brand and strive to ensure the experience that candidates have with us is remarkable. We do this by having a defined process and communicating with candidates in abundance at every step.