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We ensure new hires are successfully integrated into your workplace through a customized, culture-rich on-boarding process.

According to research by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), employees have approximately 90 days to internalize the skill set, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge to successfully fulfill their role. This means that the sooner organizations or departments are able to effectively integrate their new hires into the workplace culture and equip them with the tools necessary for success, the higher the probability of long-term achievement.

About Talent will work with your company to ensure that each component of the on-boarding and training process emphasizes the importance of your corporate culture. This could include a video message from key executives describing the company's philosophies, reviewing performance expectations and how they relate to the company's mission, initiating solid relationships with coworkers, and customizing new hire paperwork to outline and reinforce key elements of your culture.

Contact us to learn how About Talent can develop a consistent on-boarding process that launches talent into your culture and increases employee retention.