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Cultural Alignment

You may have noticed that culture is pretty important to us. So important in fact, that we've woven cultural alignment into all of our workforce solutions.

Corporate culture is the personality of an organization—the shared values and standards that characterize how a company's employees approach one another, customers, partners and the community. It is widely accepted that corporate culture can contribute or detract from employee effectiveness and is a critical predictor of an organization's success. As your workforce solutions partner, About Talent's job is to support and manage your workforce acquisition needs. That's why we believe it's natural for us to align our workforce solutions with and be champions of your company's unique culture.

Cultural Expertise

About Talent is an expert in understanding each client's unique workplace culture and in helping build a work environment that is considered a "great place to work". Whether your company is just beginning to design a "great place to work" and requires a workforce solutions partner to consult and support your efforts, or your company has a well-established workplace culture and seeks a partner that understands the importance of cultivating your distinct ethos, About Talent has both the experience and expertise to promote your company's culture because … we've done it ourselves! We are proud to be named one of the "50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the U.S." by Achievers and a "Best Place to Work" by Best in Biz Awards in addition to numerous regional "Best Place To Work" accolades.

We believe there are four drivers that impact a company's culture — communication, hiring, on-boarding, and development and they all serve to build the overall engagement of each employee. As you explore these drivers, we will introduce some of the philosophies and activities that About Talent will focus on as we deliver our solutions.