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We believe screening for cultural attributes is equally as or more important than screening for knowledge, skills and abilities. Here's why.

Research substantiates that the cost of bad hires continues to rise. In addition to monetary costs, companies who experience bad hires also see losses in productivity and time, and see a negative impact on employee morale and client solutions. While the reasons for bad hires vary, one of the most common is "poor behavioral fit." Despite these statistics, many companies still don't hire for cultural fit. Throughout our experience, we've found that while a company can teach technical skills — you can't teach people to internalize your company's ethos.

About Talent specializes in combining proprietary methodologies and industry-leading cultural and technical assessments to develop a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's skills, values, motives and beliefs. As we partner with your company, we will use these tools to ensure the candidates sourced and presented will be champions and builders of your corporate culture.

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