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Companies recognized as "best places to work" nurture employee engagement.

Corporate Culture: The personality of an organization—the shared values and standards that characterize how a company's employees approach one another, customers, partners and the community.

Employee Engagement: The emotional and intellectual commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals.

Most companies would agree that employee engagement is critical to their company's overall success. After all, engaged workers are more productive, stay in their jobs longer, have fewer accidents and contribute positively to the company's bottom line. Yet, according to a Gallup poll, more than 71% of Americans aren't engaged in their jobs. With active disengagement costing the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year, understanding the gap between engaged and disengaged workers has never been more important.

About Talent knows the dedication and passion required to develop an engaged workforce, as demonstrated by our being named a "50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the U.S." by Achievers and a "Best Place to Work" by Best in Biz Awards. As your consultative partner, About Talent offers our own proprietary methodologies to measure and continuously improve employee engagement. Our workforce solution professionals partner with you to develop customized surveys that explore key areas of engagement, such as career development, compensation and benefits, relationship management, and work environment. With your collaboration, we then create action plans that close the engagement gap and ensures your corporate culture fosters positive employee engagement.

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