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We never miss the opportunity to showcase and reinforce your company's culture.

From the time a job seeker learns about your company's open position to the time they are brought into the fold, there are dozens of irreplaceable moments for your company to make a distinct impression. These "touch points" create an opportunity to communicate your company's unique story and culture.

As your workforce solutions partner, About Talent will partner with you to understand your company's story and either mirror your unique communication strategies or help develop a customized communication plan that captures the soul of your company. About Talent will ensure that each touch point — job postings, conversations with recruiters or staffing providers, social media posts, advertisements — propagates your organization's personality and attracts talent that will strengthen your organization.

By way of example, About Talent's award-winning marketing team developed a recruitment campaign to highlight a client's distinct purpose-driven culture. As a result, our client experienced increased candidate interest, interview-to-hire ratios and overall customer satisfaction.

Contact us to learn how About Talent can infuse your company culture into your workforce solution program.