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Vendor Management System (VMS)

Trust About Talent's MSP experts to assist you in selecting a best-fit technology.

Selecting a Best-Fit Technology

Selecting a VMS can be a challenging task, as there are dozens of technology providers in the marketplace that offer a number of tools with various features and capabilities. About Talent's tenured MSP professionals have experience implementing and using the industry's leading technologies, and will work with you to select a tool that will optimize your program.

As part of our MSP solution, About Talent's industry experts will partner with your company to understand your workforce program needs, technological infrastructure and budget. Based on your unique requirements, About Talent will recommend a technology, or set of technologies, that will deliver the most value to your organization. About Talent will then work with selected VMS provider to implement the technology and ensure your company takes full advantage of all the tool's features.

VMS RFP Management

Should your company seek standalone support to select a VMS provider, About Talent offers comprehensive VMS Request for Proposal (RFP) management. Our procurement solution includes:

  • Needs analysis
  • Proposal document creation and management
  • Prospective vendor relationship development
  • Proposal process management, including distribution and communication
  • Procurement timeline management
  • Proposal response vetting
  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation