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Vendor Management System (VMS)

Experience seamless implementation of your preferred VMS technology, coupled with About Talent's consistent technology support.


Introducing new technology to your company can be a challenge, especially if your user community is accustomed to manual processes or other tools. About Talent's implementation team works hand-in-hand with your company, your user community and the VMS provider to fully-customize the tool and develop a consistent support strategy. Our implementation team includes dedicated technology integration specialists, who will:

  • Ensure the VMS workflows mirror both your internal processes, as well as those of the MSP program
  • Create seamless integration to other internal technology systems that affect HR, payroll, and payments, if needed
  • Ensure the VMS "feel" and terminology reflects your company culture and environment
  • Develop custom training materials for various users within your community, including webinars and electronic manuals
  • Deliver 24/7 customer service support