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Managed Service Provider

About Talent builds and maintains a vibrant supplier network by developing partnerships founded on mutual respect and trust.

Supplier Partnership Management

About Talent recognizes that the success of our MSP program is directly impacted by the important role our Supplier Partners' play. That's why we have developed a two-part methodology to ensure suppliers participating in our programs receive a high level of service and are treated with the upmost respect.

Dedicated Resource

About Talent's Program Team includes a dedicated Supplier Specialist(s) responsible for managing our business relationships with our Supplier Partners. This level of support ensures we provide each Supplier Partner with the highest level of service throughout the life of our program. Our dedicated Supplier Specialist manages:

  • A customized qualification process
  • Supplier Partner network development
  • Contract negotiation and renewals
  • Orientation and training
  • Rate analysis
  • Program surveys, updates and forums
  • Performance audits

Supplier Sophisticated

About Talent takes great care to listen to the needs of our Supplier Partners and clients to ensure that our programs are mutually beneficial to all parties. As a Supplier Sophisticated organization, About Talent meets with Supplier Partners on a regular basis to understand and advocate on their needs to our clients. We have found that this level of collaboration builds trust and truly lays the foundation for a loyal partnership.

Additionally, About Talent delivers a "level playing field" to all Supplier Partners based on each client's unique program criteria and each Supplier Partner's distinct capabilities. About Talent's Supplier Specialist works with each Supplier Partner to understand their service strengths and experience, and ensures suppliers support programs that build upon their expertise.

The result of our unique approach is remarkable! We have seen increased Supplier Partner engagement through higher-quality candidate submissions and responsiveness — resulting in improved overall client satisfaction.

Diversity Supplier Partnerships

About Talent is a passionate supporter of engaging diversity Supplier Partners to strengthen the communities we serve and support our client diversity initiatives. About Talent offers diversity Supplier Partners coaching and mentoring to further strengthen these partnerships for the life of the program.

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