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Managed Service Provider

About Talent's MSP solution offers data-driven cost management through the use of our innovative analysis methodologies.

Cost Management

Throughout the life of our program, About Talent will offer the real-world data your company needs to effectively manage the cost of your program. About Talent's team encompasses professionals with an in-depth understanding of the trends affecting each market they serve, as well as access to abundant market data, such as competition for resources and talent availability. As your consultative partner, About Talent will leverage these resources to present opportunities and recommend strategies that continually improve and evolve your program in today's competitive environment.

Pay Rate Benchmarking and Standardization

About Talent has access to various credible resources, such as comprehensive online pay rate and market demand data, vertical market surveys, feedback from our client base, and government employment statistics, to provide a comprehensive snapshot of both market and industry information. With this level of information, your company will be empowered to compare your program's pay rates to local, regional and national figures, as well as against your competitors. Based on our findings, we can work together to standardize pay rates by skill set and/or geographic location to establish consistency and control to your entire program.

Spend Analysis

Ultimately, the role of an MSP is to provide streamlined workforce process management and consistency that result in cost savings for our clients. To ensure we are consistently meeting and exceeding this standard, About Talent will work with you on a regular basis to understand budgetary concerns, analyze program spend, and develop cost saving strategies that support your business goals.

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