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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

About Talent's MSP solution offers comprehensive management of contingent and direct workforce needs.

About Talent's MSP solution focuses on a total workforce management approach. While the MSP solution was originally developed to manage a company's contingent workforce (e.g. temporary workers, SOW, 1099 and consultants), About Talent offers a truly comprehensive model in which our workforce professionals manage a company's contingent, outsourced and direct workforce needs under the same management umbrella.

Most MSP's rank cost and order fulfillment as the top business reasons to utilize their services. About Talent believes these are expected outcomes that come along with a best-in-class program. At About Talent, we emphasize:

  • Quality: About Talent seeks full understanding of YOUR unique perception of quality and continually strives to exceed your expectations.
  • Culture: In addition to skills and talent, About Talent ensures the individuals we assign to your workplace align culturally with your workplace to ensure total engagement. Learn about our culture
  • Efficiency: With more than 75 years of cumulative industry experience and our integrated approach, About Talent delivers on our promise to deliver the right talent at the right time.