11 Clever Ways to “Thank a Veteran”

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who served and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  As we honor their memory, we offer 11 ways to “Thank a Veteran” in your life, and let them know you appreciate their service to our country.

The following offers creative ways for you, your family and your workplace to get involved:


Teach the next generation:  Share the VA’s Veterans Day Teacher Resource Guide with your favorite teachers, and urge them to include these important topics in their lesson plans.

Frequent flyer:  Consider donating your unused airline miles to Hero Miles, which partners with major carriers and helps to provide airline transportation to wounded, injured and ill service members and their families who are undergoing treatment at VA medical centers.

Write a letter:  Help little ones support our service men and women, by writing a letter of “Thanks.”  “Operation We Are Here” offers recipient addresses and suggestions.

Fly your flag:  It’s a small way to say that you’re proud of your country.  CNN offers tips on “flag etiquette.

Send thanks:  Organize a donation drive to send an overseas service member a special care package.  The Care Package Project offers best practices and most-requested items.

Pick up the tab:  Is a service-member behind you in the Starbucks line?  Buy them a latte and ask the cashier to kindly thank them for their service.

Get involved:  The VFW offers lots of regional volunteer opportunities.

Mini flag giveaway:  Share your patriotism with your friends and neighbors.  Dollar Stores often have inexpensive mini flags for purchase.

Let’s do lunch:  Is your coworker a veteran?  Treat him or her to lunch.

Foster and train a 4-legged friend:  Organizations like Patriot Paws and Vet Dogs train service animals for veterans suffering from PTSD.  Visit their respective websites to learn how you can help.

Donate at your local VA:  Donate your time and talents at your local VA Hospital.  Do you crochet?  Make a cozy beanie.  Are you a baker?  Ask if you can drop by a sweet treat.


Source: Military Avenue